Christ’s Kingdom in Pakistan Increasing

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Published on 27 Mar 2020 / In People & Blogs

We write to tell you of God’s grace and mercy that the kingdom of Christ is advancing in Pakistan. And, invite you to participate with your prayers and support.

“God’s Little Angels” of Pakistan continues to spread the gospel of Christ in Pakistan with multiple projects including:

· A Christian orphanage - Currently providing for over 90 orphans and several widows.
· Food distribution to poor Christian families and widows.
. Recently distributed food among 300 poor Christian Families and Widows (video link below)
· Children’s Bible distribution
· Outreach programs
o Organized events for children in many cities in Pakistan. We share the good news of Christ and his love with kids who have never heard it before.
o Thousands of kids have accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior as a result of these outreach programs.

We are very thankful for the grace, mercy, protection, and provision of God; that we can continue sharing the good news of Christ and his love in this muslim dominated country.

God has greatly blessed our recent outreach programs. There were over 5 thousand children in attendance at our last outreach meeting and a great many accepted Christ as Lord.

Please pray with us for the continued advance of Christ’s kingdom as we plan the next two outreach events, to take place later this month, in the cities of Sahiwal and Gujrat. We are excited with the expectation of what God will do. We are anticipating attendance of several thousand children; who often come in the company of older family members. The focus of these events is to:

· Communicate the unconditional love Christ has for them.
· Let them know Christ is holy and desires their repentance.
· Encourage them to accept Christ as their Lord.
· Support them in development of relationship with Jesus Christ.

Brothers and sisters in Christ from the local area also come to these events. We plan a portion of the time to meet with them in prayer for all who are suffering. We pray healing for those who are suffering (curses, diseases, illness, depression, and anxiety). We also counsel and exhort those who have grieved the Holy Spirit in prayer of repentance so they may be restored to all which Jesus Christ has given us.

We are in great anticipation of what God will do as his children gather in prayer and worship to share the gospel of Christ with the children of Pakistan.

There are several expenses associated with bringing these outreach programs to the cities of Pakistan.

[Transport (2.55 hours and 2.5 hours travel time required); Tent; Light; Ground; Carpets; Stage; Sound system; Private security; Water; Food; Promotional materials]

We estimate the cost of these two outreach programs together to be $11,000 USD.

We have seen a great love from you being in Christ in the form of previous donations. Please join us in this worthy cause and witness thousands of people coming to our Lord.


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