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Ukrainian mortars destroy Russian ammo depot in fiery explosion

Published on 06 May 2022 / In News

This aerial video shows a Russian ammo depot spewing flames before exploding in a huge ball of smoke and fire following Ukrainian mortar strikes.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the 30th Independent Mechanised Brigade - a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces - yesterday (Monday, 2nd May).

The brigade said: "The 30th Independent Mechanised Brigade eliminated the ammunition depot of Russian soldiers.

"This is the skilful use of mortars which, by the way, have only recently joined the ranks of the brigade.

"Now the 'uninvited guests' will have less ammunition to fire on the Ukrainian military.

"This is how the BK of the occupiers burns so enchantingly and brightly - further on in the video.

"Glory to the Nation [of Ukraine]."

A second aerial video obtained by Newsflash from the brigade today shows Russian equipment being blown up in balls of smoke.

The brigade said: "We don't know if you have had any good news this morning. So, let's start with some: Our military destroyed several units of Russian equipment.


"Everything will be Ukrainian again."

And a third piece of footage obtained by Newsflash from the brigade yesterday shows a Russian tank trying to go unnoticed in an area of woodland, but still being picked off in a fiery strike.

The brigade said: "Incompetent racists live by the following principle: 'if you want no one to find you, put yourself in a prominent place'.

"So they position the tank and infantry fighting vehicles in such a way that it becomes convenient for tankers and artillerymen of the brigade to get to them."

The 30th Independent Mechanised Brigade did not say where in Ukraine the strikes took place.

In recent developments, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will describe the resistance to the Russian invasion as Ukraine's "finest hour" when he addresses the country's parliament virtually later today.

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